Why Join WTF?

Panorama-pair fishing in great light.jpg
  1. There's an enjoyment of Fly Fishing that comes from being with good friends,
  2. To help conserve and restore our declining fishery here in the Upper Delaware,  
  3. Perhaps to work on your casting, or get help with FFF Certification,
  4. Tie flies with some other tyers here on the East Branch,
  5. Perhaps to help educate other anglers, or help kids learn about Fly Fishing,
  6. So WTF---come & see what we've got going on!

In order to become a member of Wild Trout Flyroders you first need be a member of FFF, the Federation of Fly Fishers.  Then just let us know, or come over to an event or outing. There is no additional charge to for WTF Membership.

If you not yet a member of FFF, you can easily join the national organization by clicking on the link below:

Join FFF

Once your on the FFF website, just navigate to the type of membership you would like...indicate you'ld like to be a member of Wild Trout Flyrodders...and once your FFF membership is confirmed, e-mail at:


And of course, EVERYONE is welcome to come to our outings, to fish with us, and to come to our events!