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Welcome to our Fly Charts Page.  We hope you’ll find our Mayfly and Caddis ID & Hatch Matching charts useful.  All charts are waterproof and sized to fit in the same fly fishing vest pocket as a large fly box (4.5" x 8.5").  They provide the angler with all the information needed to determine species and appropriate fly selection for the 25 most common hatches, as well as detailed information on fly behavior to aid in on-the-stream presentation.  Single charts (2 sided) are available for $4.95 each.  If you purchase a Mayfly and a Caddis Chart together the cost is $8.95 for both.  We also have a free instruction sheet available as a pdf download.  And the best part?...all net proceeds go to trout habitat improvement projects!

We strongly believe you’ll find our ID and Hatch Matching Charts to be the best you can find anywhere, at any price. Why?  Just look at what you’ll get:

  • Waterproof---you can take them down to the river,
  • Convenient---you can keep these 4.5” x 8.5” cards in a vest or pack,
  • Coverage---our charts cover all the common patterns: nymphs, emergers, adults and ovipositors,
  • Genus/Species ID---a complete ID description of each genus/species covered,
  • Drawings---to assist in your ID,
  • Hatch Matching---all you need to know to match species for the 25 most common fly patterns,
  • Action---behavior patterns for nymphs, emergers & ovipositors, to assist in your fly's presentation,
  • Habitat---areas the nymphs and larva prefer, so you’ll know what section of water is most productive,
  • Up To Date---we keep current with the ever changing scientific nomenclature,
  • Completeness---not equaled in any one book.  We've combined the results of over dozens of books, hundreds of photos, scholarly journals and personal observations.

And that's right, 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of each chart this year, 2013, are being donated to WTF's Wild Trout Fund---for Wild Trout habitat improvement projects to help insure future generations continue to enjoy our great sport of fly fishing.

We've provided a reduced sized example of both sides of the Caddis Card below.  The Eastern Mayfly Card is similar, though of course tailored to the unique qualities of Mayflies.  We hope to come out with a Western Mayfly Card soon, as well as an expanded size cards with larger type, and to offer all these cards through area fly shops later this year.  Glenn Erikson, PhD researched, put together and copyrighted the information on the fly charts, with the design assistance of master printer Rich Machin, of RFM Design.

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Caddis Larva Fly ID Chart 8-11-12.jpg

Fly Chart Instruction Sheet 

Instructions for the Fly Charts can be downloaded here:


Individual Orders

Fly Charts may be purchased individually for $4.95 each for either the Eastern Mayfly or Caddis fly charts, or if you would like to order both we'll take a dollar off for you and charge $8.95 for the two of them.  A handling and shipping charge of $1.00 will be added to your order.  Just click the appropriate button below:

Mayfly Chart


Caddis Chart


Both Charts


Bulk Orders 

We process three types of Bulk Orders, for:  1) Non-Profits, 2) Colleges & Schools, and 3) Wholesale Fly Shops.   All require a minimum order of 20 charts in any proportion of either Mayfly or Caddis cards, and any order request exceeding the minimum of 20 will be accepted.  All Bulk Orders require full payment in advance of shipping.

Non-Profit orders will be charged $1.00 per card plus shipping costs and 50% of net proceeds after sales occur and will be shipped upon our receipt of the following:

  • Verifiable Federal Tax ID Number,
  • Payment check must be from the Non-Profit's named account,
  • A signed statement from the President of the Non-Profit on their letterhead that: 1) the purpose to which the funds are applied will be for Habitat Improvement Projects, Watershed Conservation Projects, and/or Youth Education Efforts only, 2) none of the funds will be applied to overhead, 3) none of the cards be given away or sold for less than $4.95 each (or $8.95 for two, with one of each) unless they are given for free to anglers under the age of 18, and 4) all net proceeds will be shared 50/50 with WTF's Wild Trout Fund.

College & School orders will be charged $1.00 per card plus shipping costs and will be shipped upon our receipt of the following:

  • Federal Tax ID Number
  • Payment check must be from the School's named account,
  • A signed statement from the Dean or Principal on college or school letterhead that the purpose for the Cards will solely be educational in nature, that none will be sold, and that all will be given for free solely to the school's own students.

Wholesale orders to retailers will be accepted to both Fly Fishing and On-Line Stores, who will be charged $2.50 per card.  Payment by check and receipt of your store's tax resale number are required.  No discounting on final retail sales is allowed. 

As we donate 100% of our net proceeds on individual and Wholesale sales to Wild Trout Habitat Improvement Projects, we hope that all our resellers will advertise this.  Supporting Wild Trout Habitat is good business, and feels good too.

Minimum orders are 20 charts per order of each chart.  No tax or shipping charges.

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